The Great Worrier EP

Written by Hillebrandt/Leskinen
Produced by Imppu & Snowed Out
Mixed and mastered by Samuli Vuori (Lunamy Creations)
Curfew video directed and produced by Joonas Tanninen
© Snowed Out 2022 Ⓟ Medley Illegal Recordings 2022

Curfew is a song from Snowed Out’s third EP, The Great Worrier, released on Feb 22nd 2022. The song is about eccentric, escapistic and euforia filled nights at a goth club. It is filled with hypnotic disco beat and multi-layered synthetic sounds.

The EP title track The Great Worrier paints a picture with a big ethereal brush, about anxiety and loneliness, and reflects on the dark and cold final moments of the universe collapsing. The word play in the title is a pun about anti-heroism as the subject in real life struggles of humanity.

For No Reason reflects the emotions of a person who has lost their ability to function and is forced to stay put against their will. The music is a wistful but melodic combination of 80’s new wave and more recent indie rock.

The EP is produced by Imppu, a synth pop artist from Lahti, Finland. As on the previous EPs, the artwork is illustrated by Patrik Lydman and the logo designed by Salla Holm. The three song The Great Worrier EP is published by the band’s own Medley Illegal Recordings label and released on various streaming platforms.

Snowed Out is a three-piece dark pop and indie rock band from Helsinki, Finland. A classic electric guitar and bass based music that is backed by synthesizers and pre-programmed drums. The music is influenced by 80s New Romantic, 90s Britpop and 00s american alternative rock. The band released their first EP, Wall of Mountains, in the summer of 2019 and they started performing live later in the year.

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